A 1960s sophisticated masterpiece in design and technology
This Columbus Globe offers the minimalistic look of the Mid Century Modern movement, combined with classic innovative German Engineering. This superb example of the German Bauhaus Style highlights the typical design features of blending contrasting materials as the warm wooden base and cool, polished aluminum meridian. Displaying the classic minimalist features of the up the Mid Century Modern Era makes this globe an original piece of art.
The globe offers a Duo map. It identifies Cold War political borders, shipping routes and currents. Only when illuminated, the legend reveals ocean depths in addition to the traditional display. Invented by Paul Oestergaard Jr., that technology is the most imitated design in the Globe Industry to this day.
During the 1960s Glass globes were eventually replaced by plastic models as these could be produced much more economical. Though no plastic globe offers the beautiful glow provided by an illuminated glass sphere.
Diameter of the orb is about 9.5 inches with a total height of 13 inches.
Made for the US market, the legend is in English and has standard wiring. Very good condition with minor scuffing to the walnut base.
$395 — OT611COL60ILL
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